This is the style of training whether you are trying to get into a professional service, you have already been in one or would just plainly like to experience this style of training. We can meet all your needs. We can also cater for Basic to Advanced Training. Our circuit training focuses more on the individual,  designed to build strength and fitness through varied intense exercises.

Experience a different type of training based in the mountains of Andalucia close to Malaga on a 40,000m2 olive plot surrounded by forestry…amazing views, fresh air and nature…

As well as training on our base, we provide varied activities and like to take group training to the beach, beside rivers, up mountains and to lakes … we take our small circuits with us, ensuring you never get bored and always keep motivated!

Our Boot camp and Circuit Training, begins with dynamic stretching and running to warm up followed by a wide variety of low to high intensity  cross fit workouts with rest periods including… lifting weights and in many of our routines rocks and other objects related to the outdoors,  tree trunks and ropes and your own body weight etc.. Strap/ Suspension training, Pushups, Sit ups, Jump Training, Burpees etc…

Our cross fit is designed to lose body fat and increase cardiovascular efficiency, increase strength and encourage people to get into a regular exercise routine.

This is not your typical gym training, be prepared to work hard and get results, open 365 days a year, through all hours and different seasons, the wetter, the muddier, the better! Whatever the weather! We want you to experience a different type of training and have fun while doing it. You’ll love the training that we provide for you outdoors…


We have qualified trainers in a number of different fields

Do you want to be really pushed to your limits or just simply find out how far you can go!


Costa Tropical, 


Tel:  0034 643 143 656 - 642 089 877

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